Just came back from the most carrot-chopping place ever! (Editor’s note: Carrot chopping is a Chinese expression meaning to persuade somebody to part with their money for products that are not worth their value. Thanks to our reader for informing us about this.)

Here’s how they carrot chop tourists:

1) Their minimart sell items without price tag and got tricked into buying one 1.5 litre mineral water at S$4.30

2) One chocolate milk shake costs S$8

3) One magnum ice cream costs S$4

4) One hour massage costs S$100 (SG only costs half of that!)

5) One hour ride on an all-terrain vehicle costs S$132 for 2 pax

6) One buffet with most expensive items being stew beef and flower crab costs S$45 per pax.

7) One nasi goreng costs $18, haven’t include 10% tax and 10% service charge. Everything u eat there will incur 10% tax and 10% service charge, that’s why one magnum can originally cost $3.3 and after tax become S$4!

Things are so expensive that I wanna go out and explore, so I ask the staff how to travel out, he told me he cannot share…

Come on, even Bangkok is cheaper and their economy is better than Indon. What warrants such sky-high pricing?

So if you don’t want to be carrot head, u literally have nothing to do the whole time in their expensive resort!

Only redeeming factors are clean beach and good service. Every of them smiling so happily at you as they prepare their carrot chopping board!

Angry Old Man

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