During a debate forum organised by Inconvenient Questions, former NMP Calvin Cheng spoke about the PAP’s inability to fulfill certain aspirations of the people, in particular aspirations held by a certain proportion of young people in Singapore. Cheng believes that there is a substantial group of people in Singapore who are a lost cause for the PAP, in particular a portion or segment of the young.

Cheng points out that one such aspiration by Singaporean youth is the need for checks and balance and for a multi-party system to take hold in Singapore. He shared that the only way the PAP can satisfy such an aspiration is for the PAP to lose during the elections and that is an aspirations which the PAP can never satisfy in any way.

Hence Calvin Cheng’s advice to the ruling party is to focus on fulfilling people’s bread and butter needs. He claims that the aspirations of this group of young people is to see two parties in parliament and the only way to fulfill this is for them to lose which is illogical for the ruling political party.

Do you agree with Calvin Cheng’s point of view?

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