So what if SG50 is here? Sure, we’ve been independent for half a century. What’s the big deal, given that most of the achievements are not much to talk about, let alone celebrate. Let me give a few reasons why this National Day is a time of reflection of Singaporeans instead of celebration.

1) Most Singaporeans do not own their homes and cars. 99 year HDB lease and 10 year scrap for car. Need I say more? But sure I will. When you buy your HDB flat, which is nothing more than a box with no land, you need to give back to the PAP after 99 years. Basically you are renting, and not building any sort of equity. Now if you were in a ‘real’ country, like say, Australia or Canada, you can actually buy landed houses for the equivalent of what you are paying for your HDB. Not only do you own the property outright, you can pass it down to your next generations. Even condos and apartments in these Western countries are freehold. No such nonsense like the 99 years that PAP imposes on you. Vehicles are another form of rip off. Paying $100K for a small Honda Civic? Get real. In Canada, you can buy the equivalent for $18K. (Even a BMW 5 series cost only $60K.) On top of it, you can keep the car for as long as you want, and given Honda’s reliability, I’d say, 20 years or more. People, you are getting swindled by the PAP elites. If you park your wealth in assets such as HDB or car, you are bound to lose BIG time. In real democracies, you can truly increase your wealth, just not in Singapore, where the elections are ‘rigged’ to to speak. Read this article on the cost of living in other advanced democracies.

2) With a population accelerating towards 6.9M, can anyone say that life is comfortable at all? Unless you are Kee Chiu Sing living in a big bungalow and being chauffeured everywhere in a nice Mercedes. Oh don’t forget the Millions he is drawing. Such a small island shouldn’t even be considered a country in the very first place. In many advanced countries, Singapore would just be a city, due to its size. The PAP keeps reclaiming land to make Singapore bigger, but let’s hope the next earthquake does not take down buildings built on top of reclaimed land, since the likelihood of it being as solid is nil. What’s worse is the PAP wants to further increase the population to 10M. What on earth are these PAP clowns thinking? Oh, they are not. They simply want to pad their bank accounts by increasing the GDP no matter what the costs. Imagine the streets, MRT and buses being more crowded than it already is right now. The social fabric is quickly changing by importing boatloads from India and China. Not only that, Singaporeans are disadvantaged compared to PRs and FTs. Singaporean males are disadvantaged by NS and strict rules around it. Many have gone to jail for simply avoiding reservist. Read this article on NS. This PAP government has no morals and no heart.

3) Singaporeans (or 60.1%) are brainwashed. This is probably the top reason why there is nothing really to celebrate. Just remember this, fellow Singaporeans. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS. The PAP has been in power for 50 years! It’s almost like a dynasty. Just observe how arrogant LHL and his ministers are. They introduce laws and legislations to their benefit, and they persecute opponents relentlessly. Amos, Roy, CPF, NS, redrawing electoral lines, COE, etc. And people are just content to get the SG50 goodies. Read this article on how the PAP is gerrymandering. What the populace fail to understand is that we indeed CAN live without the PAP. No matter which political party forms the next government, Singapore will survive. I’d even say that Singapore will better off without the PAP at all. Singaporeans, please wake up and un-brainwash yourselves!

In conclusion, this SG50 National Day is simply another day. Not to celebrate, but to contemplate our future on this little red dot. Indeed our children’s ability to survive in the next 50 years will gravely depend on the outcome of the next election. Either that, or follow the masses of ex-Singaporeans who have already emigrated, and many whom are doing well in their newly adopted countries.

National Slavery

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