I wrote about Hsien Loong having a hand without an ace to play in this GE recently. Knowing PAP’s ingenuity and creativity to come up with surprises, they will find an ace somewhere. No, Hsien Loong does not have an ace in hand. Can he find an ace from the tea party interviews? So far, from those faces that have been paraded, the would be’s and could be’s, there is nothing unusual, the same DNA from the military and civil service. There could be a couple of grassroots leaders showing up, but nothing flattering, anything but an ace?

We may have to wait until the whole new cohort is announced to have a taste of what’s cooking. Would there be the likes of Prof Paul Tambyah of the SDP? Or would there be a Nicole Seah to make the difference and cause a big sensation?

But wait, in case many have missed it, the star politician of the PAP camp has already started campaigning and rooting for the PAP. We have done it, our track records are there to show and to prove it. We are the best and we delivered.

Heard of the cardboard policeman? No, this one is not a cardboard politician. He was from the past, and is campaigning every night on your TV screen. The consummate politician of all time of Singapore is back. Yes, you see him. Yes, he is campaigning for the PAP. He is the Ace that would not go away. He is back!

PAP has rolled out its only ace to fight the 2015 GE. He is asking for your vote for the PAP. He is all PAP has and had to win this election and more elections in the future. Would it work again? Would his magic work again to bring PAP to another election victory?

Another miracle in the making in the history of Singapore! The man from the past, travelled through time to fight an election campaign today. Time travel is possible in a uniquely Singapore way. Do not underestimate the resourcefulness of the PAP.

He may even appear during the election rallies on stage.

Chua Chin Leng aka Redbean

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