Dear Singapore, as you celebrate your annual “We’re so glad we’re not part of Malaysia” celebration, let’s see what we can be thankful for. If you were part of Malaysia your 100 dollars will be in ringgit and will have shrunk to a third of its value to $35.45.

Your national airline SIA is world renowned and rated for many years as #1 in the world as compared to MAS which is bankrupt and can even lose its plane. Your prime minister is smart and can even find time to program a sudoku solver in his spare time whereas Najib is making a fool of himself on the world stage.

Your police and government pride itself as being corruption free, whereas the Malaysian Anti-Corruption officers have no recourse but to pray to Allah to protect them from the police.

As you watch the fireworks tonight let every spark represent one of the 2.6 billion reasons why you should be glad you’re not part of Malaysia.

Happy Jubilee Singapore. May you prosper for many more years to come.

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