I know some people might view WP as arrogant or upset with WP that they are choosing to “encroach” on territories that the other party has contested in 2011.

Look at it this way. Your party has grown so much in size and resources that you are fast becoming the potential alternative government to the ruling party in perhaps 10 years time. Would you give way to others despite knowing deep down you stand much higher chance than the others to take down the enemy and further expand your base?

Politics is no charity and sometimes there is not much room for sentiments against another rival. They are all opposition, but put it this way, they can also grow to become opponents when each has outgrown the other.

WP base has always been in the East and North East. Marine Parade is in between Aljunied GRC and East Coast GRC and hence is in a very strategical location for WP. Aljunied has fallen and East Coast GRC stands a good chance to fall. The next natural thing to do is to build your foundation in Marine Parade. Why would WP then give up this strategical location for their own party just out of a gentlemanly gesture to the other party who is unlikely to have any chance against the incumbent?

With a 3 party contest in Marine Parade, true that WP also unlikely to win. However, it can build a good base and rapport with the residents there and if NSP does lose their deposit in this constituency, they will likely back out in 2020 and WP would then use the period of 2015 to 2020 to build their rapport with the residents and take this down in 2020.

I know NSP and it’s supporters are probably upset at what they see as bullying by WP. But this is politics and as a fast growing party, there is no room for sentiments, sorry to say. NSP should wise up. It is quite a poorly run political party who has been losing lots of talents within the party to others and hardly growing and not building on its strengths to grow bigger despite being one of the oldest opposition party in SG.

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