According to National Solidarity Party (NSP) acting secretary-general Hazel Poa, the NSP has sent an email to reach out to the Workers Party (WP) ahead of the upcoming General Election (GE). They have requested to hold several bilateral meetings ahead to sort out their differences.

This after WP told the media that it pulled out of opposition party talks on Thursday because it had to act decisively and not waste time to start campaigning in their electoral wards. The WP said that it would proceed with plans to contest in MacPherson and Marine Parade Group Representative Constituency (GRC) after the second round of planned opposition talks on Thursday failed to yield any conclusive breakthroughs.

“Yes, we understand. We don’t have much time. In fact, NSP would also like to move on,” said NSP’s Ms Poa. “Yesterday I’ve written an email to Workers’ Party. I don’t wish to go into detail about what is in the email because I feel that it is not in good faith if we conduct discussions over the media. So I’m waiting for Workers’ Party to respond.”

Responding to queries about potential candidates for Pioneer SMC, Ms Poa declined to give more information for the time being.

“We would like to retain some flexibility in our candidates as for who is to contest where. So we won’t be revealing any details (for now).”

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