To Whom it May Concern,

I am a residents of Sea Breeze Road Singapore 487469. We stayed in this place for more then 25years and never had such issue till recently. I had started my complaints about a sudden increase of mosquitoes at my estate about a month and a half ago to NEA hotline. Officer’s from NEA visited my home to check if there is mosquitoes breeding in my premises, where they found non. Two days later, the amount of mosquitoes increases where I make a second call to NEA hotline again to ask for feedback if they do found any mosquito hive near our area as there is a increase in number of constructions at our estate which I suspected those might be the potential breeding ground, a officer mention to me that they found a pot beside us which belongs to our neighbour does contain mosquito lava, ironically, there isnt any pot. The next day, NEA officer visited my home again trying to search for breeding of mosquitoes.

A few days later, numbers of mosquitoes increase to a horrific numbers where I can sit on my sofa for just 1 minute and I can have more then 10 bites. My concern is very much on my 18 month old daughter. Again, I launch a third complaint and requesting NEA to help fumigate our estate. Based on the called, if NEA does have a call recording system. According to NEA officers that spoke with me is that resident have to engage our own contractor at our own cost for the fumigation process of the entire estate. I had also approach our estate committee which he had wrote a email to People Associations for help and there isnt any feedback. Again NEA officers visited my home for the third time to check if there is a mostiqoes breeding ground in my home. That particular morning which I know that these officers will come and therefore, in the morning from 8am to 10am, I killed 47 mosquitoes and wrap it in a tissue paper to show it to the officers. One of the officers says and assure use that those are not dengue mosquitoes and told us not to worry about it.

I had made another call to NEA a few days later due to the worsen of the condition, another officers told me that they found mosquitoes hive along the public drainage area and had done a search and destroy and again the next day, officers tries to find mosquitoes breeding in my home (It sounds stupid by now?) A week later, a launch another complaint as there is no improvement at all which I told them why not check on those houses that has constructions going on and the officers mention that they did and did found breeding in those area and had done a search and destroy and yet again the next day, officers visited my home trying to seach for mosquito breeding in my home.

I personally felt the inefficiency of NEA officers is that, everytime when I launch a complaint no matter how many time they visited my home and cant find any breeding, they does it repeatedly.

I was tested for dengue positive on 23rd July. Once I got this report I made the 6th called to NEA reporting my case. I had also check with our estate committee and were then learn that there is increase of dengue cases every week. Again NEA officers visited my home to check for mosquitoes breeding.

My 18th month old were tested dengue positive on 4th August and were admitted to Parkway East Hospital. She had been suffering so much from this ordeal and till today (08/08/15) we are going to hospital daily for her platelets counts and its still on the down trend!!!!May I know other then NEA and PA, who can we request for a more efficient help. Those NEA officers on the ground might be just entertaining my complaint trying to give me unrealistic report that they found mosquitoes breeding here and there when ever I demand for a feedback on their finding and the latest report which they highlighted is that they found breeding in Harvey Avenue. Is these places reported true? If it is true, I had seen many NEA officers around these areas for month, didnt they warn construction companies and issues fine for that? One officers highlighted to me that NEA does not fine for such, if this is true? After my dengue case, two days later I saw NEA officers bringing a team of contractor to do fumigation, isnt NEA mention that NEA are not responsible for fumigation? So what is a true fact on NEA protocol?

I had made the latest phone call to NEA on 4th August and was then put through to a officer who is inspecting on ground. He mention to me that they will do a fumigation at our area on 8th August. None was here. Is NEA use to just entertain people to the seek of just pleasing residence during a call?

I demand a reply as soon as possible. This is the worst SG 50 WEEKEND that my daughter is suffering (18 months)??? Can you understand?

Thank you very much

Best Regards,

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