To think of all your jobs is taken away from FT , let me tell you ,SME is notspare too

Let me tell you the life of a local curtain maker.We work very hard everyday to complete with these Malaysia curtains maker.Many of these malaysia curtain maker cross over to Singapore every morning with their beautiful Suv or cars engaging into direct sales , taking away our business.

One of the Malaysian curtain maker told me directly that they ( the Malaysiancurtain maker ) will take away all our business because you Singaporean are cheapskate, want everything cheap and don’t mind lousy quality He said: Everyday we pump petrol in Malaysia , makan breakfast in Malaysia,we only need to spend 1 meal in singapore which is $5 lunch, that all we spend here.

Car got no COE , no road tax, no need to pay income tax etc orregister a proper company to engage in business. We then sew the curtains in Malaysia. Now I live in a big house and thanks to those Singaporean that onlywant cheap and he said of cos the quality cannot compare to local curtains maker but Singaporean only see price that all.

Think about it , what he told me is true, with so many overhead for SME likeus in singapore , is getting very tough to survive in price war against them looking at the currency exchange rate, cheaper labour cost and cheaper standard of living there.

I think our should government have some access control to protect us as a small business owner.

Singaporean spending money with them will only make them prosper not us as Singaporean. Is always a chain reaction where money is not spend within our country, our people become poorer with less money to spend, less purchasing power, leading to local retail companies cutting cost axing jobs etc

I believe there are still good and reasonable local curtain maker in Singapore . Support our local business, let them survive so that we will not be bully by foreigners

I will be ending my business soon and changing trade to be a taxi driver. Hope one day I can still come back to my our trade. Chances are not impossible but unlikely with the current situation.

Mr Rong
A.S.S. Contributor

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