I have been very upset with what is happening at the Causeway as I go in 2 times a week. The latest reply on this clearly unsatisfactory.

Can someone write an app where all Causeway and 2nd link users post the number of counters opened on Singapore side going in and out, the way the boot check is done and other causes of delay at the causeway?

I am suggesting this because the answers from the authorities there will continue to be that they are doing the best and that security is paramount, etc. With real data, they cannot deny that they have been doing very badly in terms of throughout and declare any other priorities here.

I don’t buy their explanation and am convinced that they deliberated want to slow it down. My experience ever since the toll was raised was that they have

1. Reduced the number of counters

2. Reduced the number boot check lanes

3. Force all the cars into a single lane to slow everything down.

We need to get the throughput numbers and I am sure that this number has dropped by half after the toll was raised – by their actions above.

If the intent is to slow it down to allow them to react to high risk cars, then they should introduce a strategy to segregate cars. Those low risk cars like those that goes in clearly for work should be on an express lane and they should have an aim to clear cars within 10 minutes on a normal workday.

I am very disappointed with how the Causeway is run.

Causeway user

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