36 year-old Stanley Jang, a Singaporean living in Paranaque City for over 10 years with his Filipino wife and 2 year-old child, was brutally murdered by 2 Pinoy gunman on Wednesday.

The gunmen barged into his office wearing caps and wielding shotguns. Jang was shot on the left side of his face with a shotgun round.

He died on route to the hospital.

Speaking to The New Paper, Chief Inspector Arnold Dugas from the city police said that the gunman, who were carrying shotguns, had not been identified and no items were taken from the office.

He added that the office is located in the commercial area of the city that is “not that dangerous and is a peaceful area”. The police have not determined a motive for the killing and are putting together a special team to investigate the shooting.

Mr Jang, who owns an electronics company had told his cousin that he planned to surprise his parents by coming home to Singapore for the Jubilee weekend.

“The fact that he was planning to give them a surprise and spend the long weekend with them shows how much he cared for them,” said his cousin, Mr Han.

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