The controversial alcohol ban at night has ruffled the feathers of prominent good food expert KF Seetoh. In a late night Facebook rant on Thursday, Mr Seetoh complained that when he wanted to purchase chinese hsiao xing wine from the supermarket, he was disallowed as it was at night and the alcohol ban was in place.

This is his full Facebook update:

“How dumb is this stupid law on alcohol sale ban.. wanna buy some chinese hsiao xing wine to marinate fr tmrs makan..n the supermart say.. CANNOT SELL AT NIGHT ANYMORE. Like commie law lidat!”

Does this incident highlight the inflexible nature of a night alcohol ban? People with legitimate uses are unable to purchase alcohol and are unfairly inconvenienced? Should more provisions be made for the alcohol ban to prevent such a blanket ban from negatively affecting legitimate users of alcohol?

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