Oppositions are oppositions’ worst enemies.

Kevryn Lim got good looks nutting wrong having good look. She olso got brains the ways she answers to reporters and straight to the points, not monkeying around. She got a Master from Curtin University of Technology in Australia, means she can think and asks hard questions and handle PAP’s parliamentarians.

She is smart and not raises CPF as a rallying cried. There are many problems facing the young, old and including PMET. Time will tell if she is any good. For now I place my money on her and hope she able to face the challenge ahead to be accepted as a credible opposition.

What more can any oppositions ask. Give her a chances please?

I’m most certain Kevryn would be able to handle the PM and PAP parliamentarians if confronted. Her credential are indeed impressive and certainly not a play thing for the rich and powerful..

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications, Public Relations and Film & TV from the Curtin University of Technology, as well as a Masters in Professional Communication from the same university.

She also participated actively as a student volunteer to help the less fortunate during her studies overseas, and even co-founded the Curtin Student United Way, a youth leadership program that gives its members the chance to make a difference in their communities by building up their communities in the areas of education, income and health.

Kevryn even served as an online radio presenter on Radio Television Hong Kong, making her a mini-celebrity in her own right!

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