UPDATED: We reported yesterday that a fake Kevryn Lim twitter account was set up on 5th August and has been posting damaging tweets to smear National Solidarity Party member Kevryn Lim. Kevryn has issued an official statement on Facebook to counter all false and damaging speculation about her fake twitter account.
A twitter account with the account name @kevryn_lim and with a picture of me taken from my Facebook has been twitting messages masquerading as me. I would like to clarify here that this account is not mine. I have reported this matter to twitter and it is currently under investigation.
Thank you for your attention.
Kevryn Lim
If you have been reading some rather puzzling tweets from Kevryn Lim's twitter account lately, stop and take a second to absorb this – the person behind the controversial tweets on @kevryn_lim were not written by National Solidarity Party (NSP) superstar Kevryn Lim!
The twitter account, which was created on 5th August, was initially thought to be the official twitter account of Kevryn Lim. As far as fake twitter accounts go, this account almost seemed to be the real deal – the perpetrator had copied Kevryn's Facebook profile photo and used it as the avatar for the account, tweeted about Kevryn's love for the show "House of Cards" (she had revealed this in an earlier published interview with alternative media) and even retweeted material posted by theonlinecitizen and The Reform Party.
The account seemed so real that even the official NSP twitter page was fooled – the fake twitter account counts the official NSP twitter page among its online followers.
But in a statement on Kevryn's Facebook page today, Kevryn herself has revealed that the twitter page is a fake.
This comes in the wake of a mini-scandal after damaging tweets appeared on Kevryn's fake twitter page, which appeared to suggest that Kevryn was engaging in an online war of words with NSP's rival opposition party, the Workers Party (WP), on twitter.
Early this morning, Kevryn's fake twitter account tweeted, "WP may have a higher public standing currently but doesn't mean all their teams for the 5 grcs are A team." #word #kevrynlim #macphersonsmc". 
As expected, this left several opposition supporters of both NSP and the WP on edge.
1 day earlier on 6th August, Kevryn's fake account also tweeted about the WP's no-show at the NSP hosted opposition parties meeting: "Y we cannot all be friends? 🙁 Opposition parties gather for second round of horse-trading talks without WP."
A netizen who wishes to remain anonymous said that this ploy seems like a familiar tactic employed by internet Brigade members to smear the NSP ahead of the upcoming general elections. He refused to comment further on which party or parties could have been involved. 
Kevryn Lim and her party are preparing a statement on this matter and have lodged a report with Twitter. More details to come.

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