I am from the F&B industry. This kind of action considered yourself unethical! Instead of thinking new product to compete with your competitors, you choose the easy way out. It’s okay if you did that, but fail to give credit to Yeo’s.

After mistake, just apologize and stop explaining. We are not a bunch of idiots. What a listed company!! Whoever in the higher management who supported this should be fired!

I went to BreadTalk HQ for an invitation tour before, your staff still has the cheek to introduce to us in the PowerPoint slides saying you make the fresh soybean back end.

When my friend asked about can we take a look at the production kitchen, they say it’s top secret. Now I know why. Super ‘Top Secret’. I think you should close down all the shops in Singapore and overseas.

Those people who got cheated included myself had our hard earn money. How about those really poor family with children? You cheated on our very own Singaporean and make big money for yourself.

I challenge you not to delete this post to show you are very sincere to apologize to the public.

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