Dear Editors,

Many of us hate the ruling party. To the many supporters out there, we are just irrational misfits, hating something so noble and benign for no apparent reasons. Well I have my reasons. I cannot speak for others, but here are the reasons why I hate the ruling party.

1) Too many foreigners.

I’ve heard the same excuses far too long. “We need foreign workers to do the jobs Singaporeans are not willing to do.” “Foreigners create good jobs for Singaporeans.”

This is already a problem, whether they believe it or not. We have foreigners coming in to compete with jobs that Singaporeans are capable of doing. We also have a strain of our resources, such as transportation and housing. The effect of the foreign policy is palpable.

Forgive me for not being too keen on the idea of having Singaporeans replaced by foreigners.

2) Around 20 million a year spent on scholarships for foreign students.

Seriously, are you telling me, you cannot find a better use for this money? You can’t use this money for training and internships for our own local workforce?

3) CPF withheld

I am seriously tired of hearing the same excuses, why me not having total control over my own money, is for my own welfare. What is the whole point of democracy if we keep voting in people to have total and absolute control over our own lives?

4) Transparency and Accountability.

Does anyone of us here know how CPF is being used? What about GIC or Temasek holdings? Do we even know how our money is being invested? Oh yeah, I forgot. It will take 56 man-years to calculate everything.

What kind company tells their shareholders that it will take 56 man-years to calculate all their assets?

5) The ruling party’s solution to everything, is to raise the cost.

Traffic congested, more ERPs. MRT breakdown, raise fares. People need more healthcare, make them pay for CPF Life and Medishield Life.

Best solution ever.

6) Absolute control over mainstream media.

Whether the media is one-sided or totally unbiased, I think we can see for ourselves.

153th press freedom index is not low enough, apparently.

7) Ineffectual to errant retailers.

For Jover Chew’s case, did you know that “International Phone Warranty” scams have been around for a very long time? Even when Jover Chew’s case was exposed, there was a whole series of circus acts. Such as CASE coming in but being unable to do anything to cease the errant practices. A voluntary injuction was issued, and refused of course. (They might as well ask the guy to arrest himself.) And also a public warning to people not to take the law to their own hands.

But thankfully, and painstaking, finally, the shop was shut down, and he was charged eventually. Not too bad, right? Action was actually taken!

8) I am really tired of bullshit.

Bullshit like, yes, things have become more expensive, but incomes have gone up faster than prices. Bullshit like, people support CPF cuts because there are no protest outside parliament.

Imagine being fed bullshit like that on a daily basis. Oh, wait……

9) High-profile politicians are suing civilian bloggers.

I didn’t realize that ministers have so much time on their hands, that they can go around searching for blogs that talk about them, so that they can sue them. Very productive usage of their time, I’m sure. Why else would they be paid so much?

10) Rising costs of living.

For the constant rising living costs, I see one party directly responsible for it.

Let’s face it. If people are living happy lives, and they don’t have to worry about poverty, don’t have to worry about not being able to afford a flat, don’t have to worry about their childrens’ education costs, you think they have nothing better to do than to go and kaopeh at their government?

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Just the ones I can immediately think of. These are just my personal reasons. Feel free to disagree and call it crap.

SG Keyboardwarrior
A.S.S. Contributor

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