Dear Editor,

I would like to send the “No Such Party” aka “NSP” a very hard message through your site about their stance on Marine Parade and MacPherson!

Since the last GE, they have never been here previously after fielding bimbo Nicole Seah who’s an emotional rollercoaster with BGR problems. She came here, got us all hyped up that she’s the one for change, made all sorts of promises then defected to the State controlled media. Perhaps it revealed more of what she really is, a media whore that is.

Now they have engaged yet another similar tactic but this time is a sluty one instead who thinks she can sway voters with her adulterous looks. Residents of MacPherson are ready to sacrifice tin pei ling for Glenda Han but not another bimbo. Let’s just say we will not trade tin pei ling for another tin pei ling in a different colour.

Unknown to many, the WP has been quietly working the ground in Geylang Serai, Chai Chee, Geylang East and Aljunied Crescent while Nicole was sorting out her problems. One cannot say that WP has never been here for Eunos/Paya Lebar have always been their stronghold stretching back to the late 80s, early 90s. Residents of Upper Paya Lebar, Pipit Road & Ubi have built rappot with MPs Pritam and Show Mao and are expecting them to throw their weight behind fellow colleagues contesting here.

Finally, I hope WP Chairman Sylvia knows that it is negotiating from a position of strength rather than weakness and it can furthermore trash the other 2 parties like it did in 2013. I also hope WP will not be forsaking our interest for the sake of pleasing self delluded bimbos who are unable to see the truth about themselves. Confucius says this is the worst form of mistake.

Begum Abdul Rahma
A.S.S. Contributor

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