A serious case of hit and run occurred at Jurong Town Hall Road last Friday. A white Honda odyssey hits into a motorcyclist, sending its rider flipping in the air before landing heavily on the road. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured and managed to survive the crash.

The Honda went on to ram against the rear of the car in front which in turn hits a van.  It then veers right and crashed through the road divider. 

The driver eventually stopped the Honda in the middle of the road on the opposite side and soon fled on foot. He abandoned his car and till now police have not been able to establish his identity. Attempts to track down the culprit via the license plate registration proofed to be unsuccessful.

It is shocking to note that after almost one week, the culprit behind such a reckless act is still at large and could have had the opportunity to escape the country. Is this the famed efficiency of our Singapore Police Force? The SPF must do everything they can to bring this criminal to justice or face the public losing confidence in their ability to protect innocent citizens. 


Hit & Run at Jurong Town Hall Road

<Reader Contribution>4 vehicles-chain cum Hit N Run accident happened along Jurong Town Hall Road (towards Jurong East) On Friday, 31 Jul 15, 4.35pm.White Honda Odyssey SGS9728S collided with a Yamaha Scouter, flinging the rider to the floor, before colliding with another grey Honda car. The white Honda spinned, crashed into the railing and ended up on the opposite road. Due to the impact, the grey Honda car also crashed into another Toyota Van in front.White Honda driver fleed the scene, leaving the car in the middle of road, without attending to the injured biker and checking out the car and van involved in the accident. Driver is still at large. Scooter biker is still hospitalised with serious back injuries.Eye witness required for the identification of the white Honda driver. Pls email at [email protected], if you have any information. Thanks!

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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