Dear All,

I would like to thank those who looked so high up to me, you only make me stronger and braver than ever. It is you who make me realise how newsworthy I am, it is you who make me understand that I am seen as a threat.

The moment I decided to embark on this journey as a politician, I have thus mentally prepared myself to be up against such unavoidable situation. This may only just be the beginning of the end. Further down, or in the near future, I may have to deal with similar fabrications out of thin air again. Nonetheless, the outbreak of such scandal and harsh critics allowed me to feel deeply that my existence has create uneasiness in you. At the same time, it is indeed an eye-opener how ignorant and asinine one can be, as this kind of act will never come from a person of wisdom. A wise person will put their focus on my ability, capability and what I can contribute to the society. It is indeed a real disappointment to know that we have such a group of people in Singapore, and it has given me more reason to have to stand out and change this phenomenon.

Since you guys only know and can only take such an ignorant and shallow/apparent angle to belittle me, I guess I can only dismiss with a smile then. Looking on the bright side, I learnt and grew a lot from it. It is definitely an invaluable lesson you will never get to read from any textbooks.

Last but not least, I would like to sincerely thank those that had given me support and comfort in this period, my friends, families and even from the public. It means a lot to me and for that I will work even harder than before, do better than before and prove to you Singaporeans with my actions that your choice and faith in me is worth it! Thank you.

In addition, for those who have not get your facts right, I would like to HIGHLIGHT once again that I am no longer and have no further affiliations with Jay Lim nor WOW Productions after learning about their reputations and businesses. I have also personally filed a police report and case with Small Claims Tribunals for not getting paid.

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