Singapore’s success has been equated with the PAP. While this was broadly true in material terms in the first 40 years under our first two prime ministers, has it been so in the last 10 years under PM Lee Hsien Loong? Who are the winners and losers among Singaporeans?

As explained in this article, the proportion of poor people has gone up from 26% to nearly 31% while the middle class shrank from 54% to 48%.

More Singaporeans are actually worse off since the current PM took over in 2004!

With such a dismal record of performance, what kind of Singapore can we expect if PAP continues to rule Singapore? Certainly not the First World nation we dream about and aspire to have. On the contrary, we fear our country will degenerate from First to Third World with an ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor. But we can prevent this economic deterioration if we vote in a government with the right kind of economic and social policies.

In the following slides, I have listed the criteria of what it takes to be a First World nation. I also describe where Singapore now stands against these benchmarks. I will then show how far behind Singapore is and propose how we at SingFirst can close the gap and transform Singapore into a successful First World nation.

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