A prediction of PM’s ND 2015 rally speech.

After listening to PM’s rally speech a few times, one starts to realise that he is pretty much saying the same things using different words. I made a breakdown of the things I predicted he will say in his speech.

1) Look at what we have accomplished.

Most notably, the high number of Medals won during the Sea Games (which wasn’t overbudgetted this time as they used volunteers), and Botanic Gardens being recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. He will take credit for all of this.

2) Just take a look at other countries.

The one thing the PM never fails to do, is to drag other countries down into his speech. Because apparently, it is impossible to tell how well Singapore is doing, without using another country as a benchmark.

His favourite targets include countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. This year, he might include Malaysia too. Even better if there was a natural disaster, because any country that had a natural disaster, that didn’t happen to us, is all due to his credit, and would not have been possible were it not for him.

An act of self-gratification, where you compare yourself to the poorest person, and declare yourself wealthy. The one thing he will NEVER do, is to compare Singapore with countries like America, Japan, New Zealand, France, etc. Take a wild guess why.

3) Sales pitch.

There is no better time than now to praise his own policies. He will talk about how great the safety nets like CPF Life and Medishield life are, how they will benefit us. Just like his Minimum Sum criteria last year. It is so good for us, we can’t say no to it. At all.

4) Apologies.

The PM MIGHT apologise. But stopping short of outright admitting mistakes, he will just say that they are things they could have done better.

For example, having the foreign workforce affect the local workforce is not a mistake. MRT breakdowns is not a mistake. A riot happening is not a mistake. These are not mistakes. They are just things they could have done better.

5) Honor the MM

This year, he has a new subject to talk on. Stopping short of telling you who to vote for, he will tell you to look at past accomplishments, remember who the MM was, what he worked for, which party he worked in, how we can honour that legacy etc.


That pretty much sums up my prediction. In addition, there is always a main message, a motto in his speech. It is not only present in PM’s speeches, but also in DPM Teo’s messages as well.

Motto: Be thankful for what you have.

The message that never fails to reach us is this: Be thankful for what you have. (You owe someone for it, implied.)

Personally, I think I would be rather offended, if I pay a technician to fix my computer, he does the job, then tells me to be thankful to him for a job he’s paid to do.

But what the hell do I know?

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