Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that suspected brothels have once again popped up in a Katong private housing district. Residents living along Crescent Road reported suspicious activities at four of the six bungalows in the area.

On 28 April this year, one of the bungalows was raided and two women were detained by police.

After the incident, residents complained of men loitering around the area while checking their mobile phones. They would then proceed to walk into one of the bungalows. Residents claim that men who visited the bungalows appeared rich and some even came with chauffeurs.

On one occasion, a resident spotted a female in heels climbing over the walls into one of the bungalows and a man once rang a resident’s doorbell at 2am asking if they provided sexual services. The matter has been reported to the police and the local Member of Parliament.

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