8 reasons why I’d support Ah-Seng:

1) He is an economist who had EARNED two degrees in Economics from NUS. He can use his skills to evaluate economic policies.

2) He had been/ is in the CEC of three political parties and led two of them. In terms of experience, he’s among the most qualified. Most importantly, he’d not landed on these posts through family connections. His father was never a political leader, so Ah-Seng had accomplished his leadership positions entirely through his own merits.

3) His track records. He’d garnered more than 40% of the votes in all elections contested. Some opposition leaders had never garnered at least 40% of votes throughout their political career, and had even lost their deposits.

4) He had lived in Singapore most of his life even though he had better opportunities overseas, so he understands Singaporeans’ problems being one of us.

5) Ah Seng speaks both the two main languages–English & Mandarin– spoken by Singaporeans fluently. So, he can communicate with the majority of voters effectively.

6) He had demonstrated superior leadership capability. During his term as the party chief of the 2nd-strongest opposition party, his party had been elevated to a greater height. Many star candidates joined, instead of fled, his party.

7) His campaign led to concrete political change. Instead of harping on random political issues, he strategically focused on policies (such as HDB pricing and supply, Mah Bow Tan being MND minister, response to flash floods) that could be changed. As we had seen, the minister whom his campaign was directed at stepped down, policies to increase HDB supply affordability were quickly introduced, and flood-gates were installed in flood-prone areas such as Orchard Road.

8) He has the integrity to criticise both the ruling party and the opposition camp as long as there’s a real problem. We need rational opposition leaders like Ah-Seng who don’t blindly support based on party affiliation.

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