A good samaritan? How about a good Singaporean?

Was around 4am when I and my buddies were making our way back home. At Paya Lebar Road halfway through, the engine died on us and smoke started to gush out from the vehicle’s bonnet. It was then we know that the engine had failed us… We were left stranded in the middle of the road, this was the first time we have encounter such experience hence, we were pretty much clueless on our next course of action.

It was then a shining light of beacon in a form of Suzuki Swift (the one in the photo) pulls over, and a man come out and ask if we needed any assistance. He looked into it and told us that the engine has overheated and recommended us to let it cool and soon left afterwards, but to our surprise he came back with bottles of water to top up the radiator!

While we were emptying the bottles, he took out a set of toolkit from his car and proceeded to help us in rectify the problem. In abt 20 mins later, we managed to kick start the vehicle. Heeding his advice, we managed to make our way back home safely.

We were all very grateful of his action. It is heartwarming to know that even in the dead of the night, a random stranger would go to such distance to lend a helping hand, once again to the Hero in Suzuki Swift, a big THANK YOU!

Elton Kwon
A.S.S. Reader

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