Freaking mad woman.

I was jogging as usual along the school near my place when this mad Chinese woman pounced out of nowhere and slapped me twice. She claimed that I scolded her previously. Madness. I have never set eyes on her before. And I am not even in Singapore most of this and last year.And since she spoke in mandarin with a mainland accent, I told her I do not know any cuss words in mandarin to have said to her. Then she called me a racist name. Stupid. If I am not Chinese, would I understand the filth pouring out of her mouth??

Then she started screaming at me on and on about how Singaporeans are crazy. She wanted to hit me again and I started shrieking at the top of my voice for help for a whole good few minutes. Of course, this whole deserted area around the construction site has to be surrounded by her sort of Chinese.Nobody appeared until finally, a China man came to try to separate us. And he pulled me back from grabbing her. I was incensed. I don’t give two hoots if you both came from the same country.

Then she tried to walk away as I told her I was going to call the police. And she was still cussing Singaporeans as we both waited for the police to arrived.

I have no idea what she has against Singaporeans. Maybe somebody insulted her?

Madness. I will see her in court. I don’t give a crap about whether it’s a case of mistaken identity, racism or whatever.

My ear is still ringing, my cheek is swollen and left eye is still seeing stars. And my glasses are bent out of shape.

I stayed in Australia for one year, and nothing happened. I stayed out late there, and nothing bad happened.

I come back home to Singapore, and was minding my own business and this happened. I think Singapore is not safe anymore. How can it be when there are all these hooligans around?

Now I finally understand why a number of Singaporeans are against the influx of these sort of people. I didn’t use to be. Now, I really don’t feel safe with this sort of people.

And Singapore is not China, by the way. Don’t bring your uncouth ways here. You can come here and think that the Chinese here is your kind of Chinese. Some are, some are not. You should just stick with your sort. Violent, crazy person. Lunatic that think it’s ok to go around bashing people like it’s China.

I have friends from China, and they don’t behave like this person, People like that sure contaminates the broth.

I really feel unsafe. Not intimidated, just unsafe. The policeman sent me home and told me to carry my phone whenever I’m around the area. What has become of this country? What do I need to carry around to protect myself next time here?

Lisa Ng
A.S.S. Reader

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