The developers of Pasir Ris One, a costly public housing Design Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) project that made news after residents complained about narrow corridors, says that they would address the faults and defects highlighted by the residents and make improvements to several areas.

One of the problems cited by residents was the splashing of rain water on the main doors and into the houses of some units. The developers told reporters that they will install a series of aluminium fins on the exterior walls on every level near the affected corridors. A temporary canvas blockage is being used at one of the blocks to keep out the rain while the aluminium fins are being manufactured.

The changes were announced to Pasir Ris One residents today in an email from Mr Dennis Lam, manager of project administration for the SingHaiyi Group, one of two joint developers behind the project. The other co-developer is Kay Lim Holdings.

“We have received feedbacks and comments from residents on issues in our development and we have been engaging our consultants to study and review them as our team is committed to have them resolved reasonability to the best of our ability,” Mr Lam wrote.

Changes have been made to improve lighting in the corridors, according to the email. And the height of BBQ pits in the project are being lowered from 115cm to 85cm for “ease of use”.

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