After news broke about a heated discussion between the National Solidarity Party (NSP) and the Workers Party (WP) during an oppositions get-together meeting on Tuesday, some netizens have gone on to the NSP Facebook page to criticize the party for obstructing the WP's plans in Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC).
In the NSP's latest Facebook posting, pictures of the party's most recent walkabout at Marine Parade GRC were uploaded for supporters on Tuesday evening. However, the move has been construed by some as a deliberate provocation against the WP, who is also contesting the ward.
According to a report from confidential sources, the dispute between the 2 parties stems from the WP's claims over Marine Parade GRC, Jalan Besar GRC and the MacPherson single-seat ward, which the NSP also wishes to contest. The WP was reportedly adamant on contesting in Marine Parade GRC, which NSP had previously contested and narrowly lost with 43.4% of the vote against the incumbent People's Action Party (PAP) candidate during that election.
Although most netizens stopped short of condemning the NSP, many strongly advised the party to step aside so that the party with the stronger chance of winning could come forward.
One netizen, Jane Grant, wrote, "NSP, it was Nicole Seah who won the hearts of the voters; not your party. If you insist on contesting in Marine Parade, it would only show how shallow your thought process is as your party is not thinking about the greater good or the people but your own selfish ambitions." 
She continued, "If you want to win, contest in MacPherson. The WP has a much higher potential and credibility to win in Marine Parade than NSP. Multi cornered fights always and will favor the PAP. This is a no brainer. For the sake of Singapore's future, leave Marine Parade alone."
Jane's words were echoed by another netizen, Joey Kim: "Frankly speaking if NSP want to win any seat in coming GE, the only solution is to focus on Tampines & Tampines only. Send your best line up to Tampines. If you fight more than 1 grc, my prediction is 赔了夫人又折兵. Mark my words."
"Seems like NSP today is like Reform Party in 2011. Many high calibre people come in and eventually many more left the party. Perhaps NSP should consolidate their strength and firm up the party's leadership and direction," wrote one netizen, Rafiz Hapipi. "NSP has the branding tradition and reputation to once again be a force in Singapore's political scene. However, the party is injured now. It is a waste to spread the party's resources thin. Pls do consider putting your best team up in North West region."
Although many netizens did not appear to be supportive of the NSP, one netizen, Munchi Abd, said that he hoped that "NSP will not back out their fights with other opposition parties and stand for what they fight for."
Given the state of affairs now, much hinges on today's discussion between the opposition parties, who will need to iron out these territorial issues before the coming General Elections for the good of all Singaporeans.

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