The high ministerial pay will definitely be a hot issue in the GE. While some may still harbor the thought of higher pay for the ministers, since they have not have any increase for many years and in fact suffered a decrease, while in the corporate world the honchos are getting more millions, how can the situation be acceptable? It would be sad if the ministers resign all at the same time in protest that the lifestyle of their families have been affected by the stagnant millions they are getting. Then Singapore will become a headless chicken, with no able leaders to run the country. It is indeed a frightening thought.

Should the ministers be given a pay rise after the election? Maybe it is too early to ask such a question. Maybe the question should be, have any of the ministers done something to show that they deserve to be paid millions over the last term in office? What have they done, or anyone of them has done to justify being paid millions?

For offices like the PM, Defence and Home Affairs, Finance, these are big jobs and it is very difficult to dispute why they should not be paid in the millions. The counter argument is that Obama has a bigger job than anyone in the whole world.

What about the smaller jobs like Environment, Social and Families, the Trade Union Chief, Manpower or even Education, what have they done to justify the million dollars? I am sorry, I am ignorant and still scratching my head and still asking, what have they done to justify being paid in the millions?

Can anyone fill me in on the remarkable million dollar decisions being made and worthy of the million dollar salary? Sending children for leadership training, creating a Singaporean core, changing insulators in train system to improve public transport, training out of jobs PMEs to work overseas, cleaning roofs of hawker centres, making housing affordable for Singaporeans, bringing down medical cost, having the old folks to do well, helping the Singaporeans to be rich by protecting them from squandering away their CPF savings,….? Oh, helping other countries children to get a university education, providing millions of jobs for foreigners, building more universities for foreigners to get employed?

These must be it, million dollar decisions, to create a Singaporean identity and build a hotel, oops, a nation of 10m people, or was it 6.9m?

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