You must be nuts to get a part-time model to be elected as MP.

For heaven’s sake, just look at the way she wears!

Did she think she was going to Zouk to party or attending a serious opposition conference to decide on the outcome of Singapore?

What is the purpose of wearing such a short skirt to the opposition meeting?

See the way she talks:

It reminds me of one of those beauty pageant contests where the contestants are interviewed on stage. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had ended her interview with another one of those “world peace” quotes.

NSP, please don’t sabotage opposition chances to get into Parliament.

The opposition die-hards will vote for her even if she walks around Orchard Road naked. But if you are really serious about winning, you have to convince the conservative middle ground voters. Honestly, they are not going to take her seriously.

You know what my mother said when I showed her the miniskirt photo of Kevryn Lim standing on the road, now circulating on social media? My mother asked if it was about a fight outside a KTV (there was a guy standing next to her using the phone)?

NSP, your party reputation is already going down with the exodus of the many reputed members from your party.

Now, you further harm your party and opposition reputation by getting a bimbo worse than Tin Pei Ling to stand for election.

Please lah, NSP!


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