How many of you could afford to pay premium to the Medishield Life when you are 70? How many of you could still pay premium when you are 80? How many of you still got money to pay the premium when you are 90, 100, 110?

How many of you could lose your jobs at 55, 60, 65 and could not find a job or retires permanently? Or if you are lucky, find a job as a cleaner and earning enough for 3 meals and think you still got money to pay for the premium?

If you have a lot of money in your CPF and minimum sums account to pay, good for you. If you have children to pay for you, good for you, but sorry for your children.

How many Singaporeans working overseas for years and still must pay for this Medishield Life premium when they are also paying for the medical insurance in their country of residence? Would all the PRs in Australia, NZ, Malaysia, UK and US and other countries, still holding Singapore passport, be expected to pay for this premium?

How many of you think this is fair and equitable for the oldies and Singaporeans working and residing overseas to pay for this premium? Why should they be paying when they are not consuming and using the medical facilities here and still have to pay premium in two countries? What is the difference between this and extortion? This govt does not see this as something wrong and unacceptable. They only think in terms of power logic. They think they are right or what they think is right and they will do it because you elected them to be the govt. And it is done for the good of your interest. They think Singaporeans are stupid and helpless and cannot do anything about it. They must be taking the GE for granted or just a formality. Sure elected to form the next govt and to do the ‘right’ thing for the Singaporeans.

Why are jobless retirees with no income, the ah kongs and the ah mahs, be forced to pay for Medishield Life premium for life? What can a govt or country with so much reserves do to help this group of people?

Some kong cums think it is right and ok for the oldies to keep paying and paying when they have no income and when the premium will keep going higher and higher as they grow older.

Pure hearts, hearts of gold, caring and compassionate? My foot!

There is an urgent need to review this scheme. It must not be a profit making scheme. Any surpluses must be ploughed back to reduce the premium. There must be transparency in the computation of operating cost and fees.

The premium for the oldies should be borne by the govt. A committee should review this and stop forcing the oldies to keep paying and paying. Alternatively the oldies should be allowed to opt out of the scheme. If not, many oldies would not be able to pay and would end up in jail with whatever savings in their CPF emptied. Heard of robbing the grandpas and grandmas?

Singaporeans overseas who are paying for their respective medical insurance schemes need not have to be forced to pay premium for Medishield Life here. Why pay for double coverage?

PS. Would Singaporeans who are PRs overseas and still have CPF accounts be made to contribute to the Medishield Life, especially those quitters coming back to scrounge for free meals? : )

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