Dear Editors,

My colleague received this "present" from the traffic police 2 months ago. It was very shocking because he did not see any traffic police nor were there any speed cameras along the road he was travelling on. Imagine his surprise when he received the saman indicating that he was speeding on the TPE.

He went to check out the location where he was "caught" speeding and it was unbelievable! At the top of the lamp post 679 he spotted a CCTV camera. Everyone thinks it is a CCTV camera just to check on traffic conditions.

Apparently this is not the case, the camera can also catch if you are above the speed limit. There will not be any camera flash to indicate you have been snapped by the camera.

Drivers who tends to go above the limit when no one is watching, please be careful.

The TP is watch, just this time from high up on the top of lamp posts.

Jason Wong

A.S.S. Contributor

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