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I read today from The Independent about a new law in the UK which bans foreign students from taking up jobs in the country – in other words these foreigners must go home immediately after they complete their studies in the UK and not use their studies as a backdoor to find employment and UK citizenship.
Why can't Singapore do the same? Look at the rate that the Singapore government is giving subsidies to foreign students, all at the expense of more deserving locals! Do you really think some Ah Tiong from China who can barely speak English deserves our tax payers' money more than our own local born and bred Singaporean children?
Just go to any famous private university in Singapore and look at the calibre of foreign students at these schools! Well known that many rich local sugar daddies drive their expensive cars just to pick up their PRC "god daughters" for some action after work! Pui! 
Read the full UK article here:
Foreign students will be banned from working in the UK while they study and will be forced to leave the country as soon as they finish their course under tough new rules unveiled by Theresa May, the Home Secretary.
The move, which was confirmed by the Home Office this morning, is designed to crack down on visa fraud in the UK.
The new rules will only apply to non-EU students, who accounted for 121,000 immigrants last year. Only 51,000 of those foreign students left the UK, leaving a net influx of 70,000 and Mrs May pointed to these figures to defend her efforts for the stricter rules.
She hopes to stop immigrants using colleges as a "back door to a British visa" and has banned 870 "bogus colleges" from accepting foreign students.
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