The Ministry of Transport (MOT) issued a statement today to condemn Malaysia’s latest decision to impose entry fees of RM20 ($7.16) for foreign-registered vehicles travelling to Johor.

The fee will kick in 1st October. Singaporeans who wish to travel by private transport to Johor would also have to register online before 1st September or they may be denied entry to Malaysia. MOT said it is requesting more more information from Malaysian authorities on their new requirement for Singapore vehicles to pre-register before entering Malaysia.

Online registration starts on Aug 15 and the road charge costs RM10 (S$3.60) for five years. The rules apply to all private vehicles, public buses, taxis, goods vehicles as well as diplomatic cars.

An MOT spokesperson said “such costs and inconveniences could discourage Singaporeans from going to Malaysia, in particular Johor, for leisure purposes such as shopping, entertainment, sight-seeing, holiday”.

Last August, Singapore had raised its vehicle entry permit charges for foreign-registered cars from S$20 to S$35 per day, while the Goods Vehicle Permit fee for foreign-registered goods vehicles was raised from S$10 to S$40 per calendar month. In that month, Malaysia announced a 400 per cent increase in toll charges to RM6.80 (S$2.65), RM10.20, RM13.60, RM3.40 and RM5.50 for Class 1 to Class 5 vehicles, respectively.

In response, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority increased toll charges for all vehicles, except motorcycles, leaving Singapore through the Causeway from October 2014.

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