Dear A.S.S.

I have read a number of articles submitted by users. A disturbingly high number of these articles claimed that the police has been unable to help them, which is why they came to A.S.S. seeking for advice.

While it’s difficult to verify the authenticity of every single one of these articles, I think it is a cause for concern if people start to lose their confidence in their local police force.

If I find myself in a situation which some of the contributors have described, and the police were to tell me, “sorry, can’t help”, I think I would be very upset.

As ordinary civilians, the first line of help we look to is often the police. I most certainly hope that if I have a problem, they would do their best to help me, and not simply tell me, “sorry”.

As I recalled in Jover Chew’s case, these “International phone warranty” scams have been around for quite a while. Police have been called in and out of these shops.

It wasn’t only until recently that Jover Chew was charged. While it’s good to see that action has been taken, I can't help but ask. Why only now? And would action have been taken if this incident wasn’t as widely publicised?

SG Keyboardwarrior

A.S.S. Contributor

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