A local Singaporean hottie was queuing up to buy a plate of duck rice from a stall at Blk 59, Marine Terrace Coffee Shop, when she felt someone caressing her shoulders. Alarmed and distraught, she broke into tears, which prompted her boyfriend to confront the 68 year-old suspected molester. The incident took place at about 1PM in the afternoon last Sunday.

According to eye witnesses, the victim was a petite young woman, about 150cm in height, wearing a black T shirt and hot pants. She and the suspected molester had been queuing up to buy duck rice. After she was molested, she turned to her boyfriend – who was standing nearby – suddenly and cried out that she had been molested. She was in tears as she raised the alarm.

Upon seeing his girlfriend in such a state, the boyfriend rushed forward to confront the 68 year-old suspect, raining blows on the older man who did not have time to react or defend himself. The younger man was beset by rage and continue punching the suspect even after the elder man fell down to the floor in shock.

Bystanders could be seen whipping out their phones and videoing the beating.

According to an eye witness, Mr Lim, the victim’s boyfriend was at the time too agitated to listen to reason and passersby could not safely intervene in the fight. The younger man was heard shouting, “Sorry? Sorry what?”

Eventually, a Malay youngster mustered up the courage and successfully separated the raging boyfriend from the suspected molester. A middle aged woman, who eye witnesses say is the mother of the victim, also stepped forward to calm the younger man by saying that the police have been called in.

A police spokesperson confirmed that a case of assault and molestation had taken place in the area, and that a 68 year-old man had been conveyed conscious to Changi General Hospital.

Police investigators are currently looking at the CCTV logs in the coffee shop premises.

According to regular patrons and vendors at the coffee shop, both the couple and the suspected molester were regular patrons of the coffee shop. The couple would usually visit the place on weekends at about 10PM thereabouts. They also added that the boyfriend of the victim was usually a friendly and well mannered young man.

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