UPDATE: After being caught pants down for using Yeo’s soya bean milk bottles instead of “freshly prepared” soya bean milk, Breadtalk has issued a public apology for “misaligned presentation or wrong impressions” given to customers, and said that they would now use Yeo’s soya bean dispensers for their products instead. Read their full apology here:

Dear fans and loyal customers,

We’ve heard your concerns over our soya bean beverage sold in stores.

At BreadTalk, your feedback is important to us and we appreciate your input on how we may serve you better. As a global bakery chain, we source for quality ingredients and products from established and reputable third party suppliers around the world, including from renowned local brands to enrich the variety of products sold at our stores.

We have been selling our vendor’s branded dispenser soya bean beverage at 22 of our outlets islandwide, with the vendor’s brand and product information clearly labelled for consumer knowledge and confidence. As part of our improvements to our product line up, the rest of the outlets are currently in the midst of transiting from bottle sales to the same vendor’s dispensing machines to convey greater clarity to you, our customers.

We have heard your feedback about our bottled soya bean beverage. We would like to apologise for any misaligned presentation or wrong impressions created, and clarify that it is never our intention to mislead. We greatly appreciate your feedback and will continue to look into improving our product quality.

BreadTalk® Singapore

Dear fans and loyal customers, We've heard your concerns over our soya bean beverage sold in stores. At BreadTalk,…

BreadTalk® Singaporeさんの投稿 2015年8月4日火曜日

Original Complaint:

Made a shocking discovery recently about the supposedly “freshly prepared” soya bean milk sold at BreadTalk. Sometimes it’s better to see with your own eyes how things are made rather than believe all the marketing slogans that the companies throw at you.

This “freshly prepared” soya bean milk from BreadTalk always tasted very familiar, but somehow I couldn’t figure out why until now. You see for yourself why. This BreadTalk staff is just pouring Yeo’s soya bean milk into bottles of “freshly prepared” soya bean sold by BreadTalk.

How much is BreadTalk earning from all this? One packet can fill about 3 to 4 bottles. One packet cost S$1.50 at NTUC, not including any bulk buy discount from companies. One bottle of “freshly prepared” soya bean milk at BreadTalk is sold for S$1.80. You go and do the math.

The worse part is not the money, it is that if BreadTalk advertises “freshly prepared” soya bean then it should give us the real deal, not some packet soya bean “freshly prepared” by just transferring into a bottle and selling for mark-up prices. Singapore company does this to Singaporeans while coming up with all sorts of wayang “Happy SG50″ specials, this is damn too much.

Support local companies? Won’t be buying from them anymore.

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