4 August 2015 5:09pm @ Nex Icing room (under Breadtalk)

Saw the staff take out a Bengawan Solo box. As i was wondering why there was a box from their competitor, the staff proceeded to take out the kueh lapis cake and starting spreading frosting over it. (See bengawan solo box below cake stand)

Not only does Breadtalk take Yeo’s soyabean and repackage it as their own, they also repackage other’s bakes as their own. Just apply ur own frosting and decoration over the cake and sell it as ur product? Not entirely appropriate right, cos i might think the cake is nice and since i bought it from Breadtalk, it should be baked by breadtalk, not bengawan solo.

It was all done in the open kitchen, i didnt have to hide or zoom in at the counter. I was standing at the open space. They were icing it openly too.

Even if a customer had requested for it, why would breadtalk take the risk? If theres food poisoning, do we blame the cake or frosting? Who will take the blame?

Sandra Lim
A.S.S. Reader

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