Yesterday I dropped by the medical hall at the mall in the HDB heartland to buy a small bottle of Watermelon Powder as it is, to me, the best remedy for a mouth ulcer. The cheerful elderly lady in the old shop said, “Three dollars.”

The price of this commonly used item has escalated more than double over just a few years.

Food and drinks in hawker centre and coffee shops, too have risen significantly.

This impose hardship on especially the ordinary elderly who have little savings and whose children could barely have enough for their own needs to give allowance to their parents.

Many of these elderly are often heard to say, “It is better to die than to be sick. Where is the money to pay for my illness? My children will have nothing left for themselves if they use their CPF to pay for my hospitalisation.”

It is a gloomy future for the ordinary old folks here.

Aunty Lily from Bedok South
A.S.S. Contributor

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