i Gilbert

I’m Edward a Singaporean tower crane operator.

My salary is only $2500 but I was terminated by my company for exposing unsafe practices at my construction site.at Punggol after started working in April this year.

I have observed the way foreign workers built our HDB BTO in a very wrong way.

Recently, I read about the defective BTO issue and know that I can no longer keep quiet about this because one day I’ll stay in one of this too.

Please advise which is the proper channel I can raise my concern to.

Even after water was added from the cement truck they continue to add water during casting when the bucket reach the top.

Mixing of water can only be done in the cement plant and when it reaches the site no more water should be added to it.

The quality of the cement must be inspected and approved by the RTO before it can be use to cast our floor, ceiling and even pillars.

My signal men also knew I took photo of their reckless unsafe hoisting procedures and they threatened that I’m not allow to report or expose any photos taken to MOM or related authorities.

Editor’s note: the writer’s last day was on 31st July after he was terminated for trying to expose the unsafe malpractices of the sub con Hong Dat Engineering Pte Ltd. The writer has written to MOM about the matter.

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