Dear editor,

This Pinoy failed the standards of AcePLP's trainers drawing exam after the result was released from his first interview, refuses to undergo another exam and be assessed again. Later, learned that he is not officially employed by AcePLP yet, demanded the company to submit his S-Pass application to MOM immediately, but was dismissed immediately by the company. He now wants to file a complaint to MOM for "Wrongful detention of employee".
See his post on PinoySg forum:
Please read this email I sent their HR Department yesterday July 30.
This resulted in my immediate dismissal from their company ACEPLP.
I would like to ask for any advice on what I should do.
Should I file a complaint to MOM as "Wrongful detention of employee"?
Thank you!

PS: If you know any company looking for Quantity Surveyor with 3 years experience.
Please comment their email below so I can apply since I am jobless right now because of ACEPLP

PS: I was hired by Marianne Mirambel (HR Executive of ACEPLP), who lacked any general concern for her fellow Filipina whom she hired in the first place. She did not bat an eyelash nor apologized when her managers told me to just leave.

Dear Marianne,

First of all, I was looking forward to pursuing a career path through your company ACEPlp.
Having been accepted on my first interview last June 3, I was thrilled by the possibility of becoming a BIM Manager someday.
I was told that my drawing exam was acceptable along with the other tests and written essays.
I immediately signed my Traineeship Agreement on June 10.
I browsed through MAD CAD, ACEPlp's Facebook page and CadPro website in anticipation.

My S-Pass was accepted by MOM on June 23.
On your request, I passed my resignation letter to my previous employer GS Engineering last June 24.
My last day at GS Engineering was July 25.
And finally, my first day of work at ACEPlp was yesterday, July 28.

My understanding of the Traineeship Agreement is that, as the title implies, I will be trained for the first few months and be sent to the client afterwards.
Unfortunately, I was disappointed when you notified me today, July 29, that my drawing exam during my first interview has failed the standards of ACEPlp's trainers.
To my horror, I learned from you that I am not officially employed by ACEPlp yet.
My pass is on-hold until I undergo another drawing exam and, should I fail, my pass application will be cancelled.
Should I have known that there was a risk that my pass can be cancelled at such short notice, I would never have taken up your offer of employment.

To make things worse, you have told me that I might not be paid during my "practice/training period" which you answered 1 or 2 weeks.
These possibly unpaid 2 weeks will financially cripple me since I am the breadwinner of the family.
I could end up jobless and this could lead to me leaving Singapore very soon.

I would like to sincerely request that my pass be submitted to MOM immediately, preferrably tomorrow July 30.
I refuse to undergo another exam and be assessed again. These terms were not discussed prior to my contract signing.
I will be consulting with a representative from MOM regarding my pass application and other issues stated in this email.

I reserve the right to be given full explanation and due action regarding these issues.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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