Probably the most sensitive thing to do right now though I hope NSP will give way to WP for the Marine Parade GRC. With due respect to NSP, they are not of the same strength as in GE 2011 with several potential candidates leaving them recently.

They also have a change of four secretary-general after GE 2011 which doesn’t help to boost up the confidence of the voters. More importantly, swing voters will probably shy away too. With WP contesting in Marine Parade there is a 50/50 chance the huge eastern bloc may fall to the opposition giant effectively cementing their power base in the east.

Everything evolving here politically points to a two-party system – at least for the time being till some other party wins something at the polls. I feel its inevitable multi-cornered fights will occur especially in SMCs but its a different matter if it happens in GRCs especially when big boys are involved.

Votes will be splitted up and this will only benefit the incumbent who will have their steady loyal supporters. In fact, many Singaporeans prefer WP to contest in their constituency as its a tested brand but we all know that its impossible for them to contest in all 89 seats.

Let’s hope opposition parties can look at the big picture else Singaporeans will suffer for another five more years.

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