My maintenance application case was going on after our divorce since 2009 but until present moment my "ex-husband" did not pay regularly, end up loads of outstanding maintenance (more than $20k) which he have no bother to pay and i have to waste a lot of time to bring him to attend the court hearing for maintenance application case to settle.

The problem is, his company employ him as a sub-contract worker, his salary and cpf contribution is base on basic of $700 per month. The pay slip given only written on a piece of paper (written total amount for the month included basic salary, allowances and overtime) without company information which his overtime and other allowance was not recorded accordingly because the company save on employer cpf contribution and distribute their employee salary by cash in hand.

Every time when the court ask about his pay slip, the company will provide him with employment letter mentioned his basic salary of $700 per month only, from here i can't claim proper maintenance from him. By right i know for many years during our marriage his salary take home alwayz above $2k-$3k which include his overtime and allowances but only that no paper proof of his bring back home salary because his company did not declare his total monthly salary.

May i seek your help and government in helping me and my children and other single mum out there to deal with this never ending issues. Thanks

Helpless mum

A.S.S. Contributor

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