Dear all,

I booked from ‪#‎GrabCar‬ SKP8502B driver Ong Seng Thye H/p: 91075682/81389062 using his private car earlier this evening at about 6pm from Clementi Mall back home. I was with my husb, my helper & 2 kids.

Along the way, my son pulled the left passenger door handle. I wasn’t aware just by doing that it caused the door to open slightly even when it is locked. The driver pulled over by the side & my helper closed the door. He then said even if the door is locked it can still be open from the inside. My husb asked “then what’s the point of locking if it can still be open?”. He told my husb to give a try which he did & yes the door could be open after locking! He added the lock is to only prevent opening from the outside but not inside.

We continued our journey, my daughter who is seated at the right of the passenger seat then meddled with the door handle causing it to open slightly. This dont usually happen but after the commotion earlier she saw my helper & husb open & close the door she suddenly grab the door handle & pulled. Knowing this, the driver said “see now the right door open, if your daughter fall i dont know”. This time he did not stop the car instead he made a sharp and fast left turn & the right door fully opened. My daughter nearly fell off the car if I didn’t hold on to her! He only stopped the car when my husb asked him to. I closed the door quickly afterwards.

He commented saying he never had this kind of prob not once but twice the door accidentally opened. He told us our kids was the problem. After he dropped us off we paid the fare my husb asked him what was his prob. He said his prob was our kids. He even added that we didnt know how to educate our kids. My husb wasn’t happy of course asked him to step off the car. But he refused he said he was going to call the police. We then told him to call the police at that moment while we wait for them to arrive. But he insisted he will go and make a report himself.

Tried calling #GrabCar hotline but to no avail. On my part, a police report had been lodged by me. Is it my fault if his lock was faulty or whatever reason for it to open after locking? What do you expect in a 5 seater car with 4 adults(including driver) & 2 young kids aged 1 & 4? Purposely continuing driving & even made a sharp turned which caused my daughter to almost fall off the car is absurd!!! She could have fell off & hit the curb!

If the vehicle he is using is supplied by #GrabCar please look into the lock matter. Young kids are curious they will touch & meddle with everything and anything. So it is not surprising for them to meddle with the door handle. & knowing the door can be open from inside even when it is lock is very dangerous especially with young kids on board!
Today, i might be lucky my daughter didn’t fell off the car & hit the curb. But tomorrow it can happen to anyone else. This is not my first time booking under #GrabCar, i never had any kind of prob with the other drivers. DO NOT BOOK FROM ONG SENG THYE, SKP8502B!!

Izzati Hasan

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