Dear ASS,

This Incident happen on 02/08/15, Sunday, 3:10pm. I was shopping with my 15yrs old daughter inside the shop name called Hako (that sells a lot of accessories) in AMK Hub.

I realize there's this medium build tanned looking guy with the whole hair white hair that is always standing beside me and my daughter. Initially I thought he was just looking at the accessories beside me so I never really notice much on that too. Then after shopping for a while, I went to outside of the store and waited for my daughter as she went to make payment at the cashier.

Just few mins after I came out, I saw my daughter shouting out to the white haired guy and asking why did he touch her breast. I was in a state of shockness. My husband was with me and he heard about the commotion and straight away, he gave that man a punch in a fit of anger. The guy didn't retaliate and kept claiming that he did not touched her.

I was very angry, I told him no point arguing now, there's CCTV in the shop, so we shall wait to see the truth. I call the police immediately to report the case.

While waiting for the police, I asked my daughter what happen. She told me that the guy had bump into her twice in the store already. But the first 2 times only brush against her hand so she thought maybe it was accidentally. But the third time while she was near the cashier, the guy use his elbow and brush against her breast.

This is too much, obviously this is intentionally!!! Who in the hell would raise up his elbow and walk? Seriously! And 3x in a row at the shop, mind you, we were in the shop for 10-15mins only. The passage way of the shop is abt 1m apart, don't tell me you need to squeeze yr way out in a 1m path way?

And when my daughter call out to him in the shop to stop him, he keep rushing out of the store and not responding to my daughter. Just FYI, my daughter called him and tap his shoulder. In a normal circumstance, if a normal person were to tap yr shoulder, would U at least turn back and ask wat happen? He didn't! He just keep walking out of the store until he reaches the exit and my daughter scare that he might walk away so she grab his shirt to stop him. This is when he finally stopped and turn back.

And still can have the cheek to act very innocent and act as if we accuses him. I faster went into the shop and check with the shop assistant if we can retrieve the CCTV, she say no problem at all. I'm also very glad that the shop assistant was very helpful, she told me she will offer her assistance to the police in the event if they require any information.

Never in my entire life would I expect this type of thing will happen to my daughter. And luckily she's brave enough to report the act. He should be aiming at her for quite some time already, this type of LAO DI KOR likes to aim for this type of teens gals. Because he feels that they might be scare to report it.

And I'm very sure it's not the first time he had been doing this. I really hope that if there's any witness to come forward to assist to make sure the fellow will be deserve the rightful sentence from the judge. So that he does not harm any of the other gals anymore. Attached with his picture, appreciate if all of you can share this story and make sure he does not have the chance to repeat the same act again.

A very upset & protective Mother

A.S.S. Contributor

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