28 year-old Nicole Seah, who was part of the 5 man National Solidarity Party (NSP) team who won 43.4% of the Marine Parade GRC vote in 2011, has been contacted by the party via WhatsApp. The NSP hopes that Nicole Seah, whose eloquence, good looks and charisma won over many Singaporeans in 2011 will return for a second run with the party this coming elections.

Nicole Seah left the NSP in 2013 and moved to Bangkok for work.

According to NSP acting secretary-general Hazel Poa, the party had “initiated contact” with Ms Seah via WhatsApp, but has yet to hear from her. She hopes that Ms Seah would rejoin the party, although she stopped short of saying whether the party wants to field her as a candidate in the next election.

During the elections in 2011, Nicole Seah created an air of excitement in an otherwise sterile and serious campaign. She was widely compared favorably to the People’s Action Party’s Ms Tin Pei Ling due to their comparable ages.

Now in 2016, NSP is fielding yet another political superstar, Kevryn Lim – a Fashion Studies Masters holder who looks set to rock the political scene as much as her predecessor.

Stay tuned for updates on whether the NSP will field 2 political superstars this coming election.

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