Singaporeans entering Malaysia via their own private vehicles must register with the Malaysian Road Transport Department (RTD) or they will not be allowed to enter the neighboring country. The rules take effect from 1st September this year and will be applied to all private cars, buses, taxis, goods vehicles as well as diplomatic cars, according to The Star.

Singaporeans can go online to register on 15th August, and vehicle owners are required to pay RM10 (S$3.60) for road tax, which is valid for five years.

“Singaporeans can register their vehicles at all the 72 counters in both the Causeway and Second Link as well as R&R areas near the two main entry points. However, we encourage online registration through the RTD website,” Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Aziz told the press at the Sultan Abu Bakar customs, immigration and quarantine building in Gelang Patah on Saturday.

“RTD will then issue a radio frequency identification (RFID) card after a RM10 registration fee is paid. The registration is valid for five years. The tag will need to be renewed upon expiry, or when the owner buys a new car,” he added.

Singapore vehicles who register before 1st September will be allowed through Johor Checkpoint for 1 month free of charge (1st to 30th September), after which they will be charged RM20 per entry for the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP).

Government vehicles, motorcycles, public buses and taxis would be exempted from the VEP but they still have to be registered with the RTD.

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