Ladies and gentleman .

This man here is my God brother , he has been my friend for 15 years & we live together . He was like my brother & he was family to me . But due to recent events he borrowed money from the ” ahlongs ” , Legal money laundering companies & many other firms .

Ever since the month of June he has been lending money from anyone & everyone he could find his work collegues , own family members . He borrowed a estimated ammount of close to >>> 20 k <<< yes you read that right . He has been living with us for a good 7 years . I watched him enlist in the army & ORD . I never once in my life thought i could be betrayed by my own family , i loved him like my brother & supported him with whatever . On 1 AUG 2015 I came home from NDP rehersals & found that he packed his bags took his passport & fled the country & my mom has gotten death threats from various organizations . Becasue of my stupidty in trusting this person my family now is in danger & at risk . On 2 AUGUST 2015 he took a flight out of singapore back to Mongolia . Leaving all of his depts with us , We reported to the police about it but they told us there is nothing they can do to help . I was shocked when they said that when clearly my family has been getting death threats & phone calls from this people the police said to my mom '' Mdm there is nothing we can do to help this is a licenced money lender there isn't anything we can help with '' Despite having death threats & harassment from this people called '' UK credit '' I just want to share this with everyone out there who are facing the same problems as us , I advise you to NEVER LEND money from any organizations . Be it legal or not legal in the end all this will backfire one day like how it has for my family . If anyone has any clue or idea on how to solve this issue please do Add me and personally msg me . ( Moral of the story , Even a 15 years friendship can backstab you one day . & He even used my mothers name gave the ahlong her contact , address & mine .

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