On 7th July, SBS Transit Bus No. 34 driven by a PRC made a Rapid Sharp Turn; abruptly jammed on his Brakes causing my Wheelchair Mum and Indo Maid to fall all at the same time…It was a Fatal Fall that left her in the worst conditions; had acute internal head bleeding; bruises and skin from fore-arms and arms came off….it was a very very bloodied scene….Indo maid had bruises and fractured her little finger..

My Mum passed away two days later.

SBS Transit is disclaiming liabilities!! I am now taking legal action against them..

This is definitely the FIRST WHEELCHAIR accident on a SBS Transit that results in a Fatal Death of our Pioneer Generation in the worst condition!! We need to put a STOP to all this and not let our Pioneer Generation passed away in this worst condition!!! They do not need to suffer all this PAIN at their Age!!

Patrick Yeo, I saw your Wheelchair Mum was also involved in a Bus Accident.

PLEASE come forward and lets jointly seek Justice for our Old Folks!

Bibik Teo
A.S.S. Contributor

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