Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said today that the PAP is looking for candidates with financial and legal backgrounds to run in Aljunied GRC. But more importantly candidates need to have “integrity and the interests of residents at heart”.

Teo said: “We want a team that can look after the town council and make sure its financials are in good order, payments are made and that there are no chronic deficits in the financials…This Government has always maintained a high standard of integrity. Anyone who wants to stand for office or hold office must maintain these standards. And Singaporeans should demand these standards. This is how we ensure the system remains clean.”

Aljunied GRC was wrested from the PAP during GE2011 and during the past 4 years, AHPETC has been repeatedly flagged for “major lapses” in governance and complicance by the AGO. Among the issues raised were poor internal controls and inadequateoversight of related party transactions.

The AHPETC court case will be heard in court again on 3 August 2015, after the HDB applied to be co-plaintiff in MND’s case against AHPETC.

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