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It seems the cat is out of the bag now that Lieutenant General (LG) Ng Chee Meng is retiring from the SAF after 29 illustrious years of service as Chief of Defence Force (CDF). It is almost certain that LG Ng would be contending for a seat in parliament with the incumbents for the upcoming election.

What is less certain is whether this is a good move for LG Ng. If he does join the PAP as expected, he would be highest ranking SAF flag officer to do so, trouncing even MG Kee Chiu Chan, BG Tan Chuan Jin, and the Prime Minister, who himself was the youngest BG in Singapore history, ever. Mind you, generals do not make the best CEOs or ministers, but what Singapore has is the Confucius model of promoting the best scholars to top government posts. Invariably the brightest students at 18 years of age pick the SAF Overseas Scholarship when given the choice, and many of these are simultaneously awarded the even more prestigious President’s Scholarship. Thus the ones with the most potential end up in the military, which explains the logic of the PAP when pursuing the most outstanding candidates with strong leadership and brains.

Back to my topic. In my mind, LG Ng should distance from his PAP masters. He, and other bright young men, need to find a platform that improves the lives of the common Singaporeans. Definitely not with the PAP, with so many screw ups over the last half dozen years. Issues such as 6.9M, CPF, Roy, Amos, NS white horsemen, MRT breakdowns, etc. eat at the heart of commoners. Issues that our million dollar ministers cannot connect with.

LG Ng needs to join WP or SDP. The tides are reversing against the PAP big time. Only a fool cannot see that. PM Kim Hsien Loong and his yes-man ministers are just too busy boosting the GDP so they can collect their multi-million dollar bonuses. All too simply by opening the floodgates. Now millions of PRC, Indian nationals and Pinoy populate every square inch of this tiny island, so much so that it becomes unbearably congested and unliveable.

It is time for President’s Scholars and SAF Scholars to join opposition parties. With the Internet, our military leaders need not fear what Kim Hsien Loong might do. He has done lots of damage to himself with the handling of Roy and Amos. LG Ng, and other senior military men, please stick up for regular Singaporeans. We expect no less from you, given your oath to serve and protect… Singaporeans, not the PAP elites.

National Slavery

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